WASABI welcomes you to Turkey

Turkey in the Med

BBC Polonia arrives at Ao Po, Phuket 03/2012
BBC Polonia off-loading boats in Marmaris
BBC Polonia off-loading videos
Around Marmaris 04/2012
Pamukkale Hierapolis 04/12
Pamukkale Hierapolis second half
Dalyan River Tour 05/2012
Fethiye Tombs 05/2012
Yacht Marina haul out 05/2012

Istanbul, Turkey 2012

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul 11/212
Sultan Ahmed I Mosque aka Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque ceilings murals
The Bosphorus Canal, Istanbul
Break lunch open
The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Grand Room
Hagia Sophia Artwork
Hagia Sophia Ceilings Murals
Mahmud II 30th Sultan of Ottoman Empire
Istanbul food offered eveywhere
On the streets of Istanbul
On the streets of Istanbul2
Regency Suites Hamam
The Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
The trains, busses, flags of Istanbul
Vistas of Istanbul

Turkey, first half 2013

Yacht Marina launch 05/2013
Orihanye (Marti) anchorage
The Wall Bay 06/2013
Fethiye Farmers Market
Saklikent (Hidden City) Gorge Tour
Tlos Hellenistic ruins
Tlos Tombs
Hosgeldiniz Trout Farm Restaurant
Turkish silk rug factory
Yavanso Koyu aka Seagull Bay
Best Restaurant (its real name)
Channel behind Gemllar Adasi
Lots of hang gliders
On Endangered Species 07/04/13

Turkey, second half 2013

Underway Marmaris to Ekincik 08/13
Eckincik anchorage
Exploring My Marina, Eckincik
Dalyan River Tour 08/2013
Going up river to Dalyan Mud Baths
Yavansu Koyu med moore
Fethiye Yacht Classic Marina
Skopea Marina, Gocek

Ephesus Tour on bus from Bodrum 09-2013

Welcome to Ephesus 09/2013
The Odeon Amphitheater
Ephesus Roman baths
Ephesus Rhodian Peristyle
Ehpesus Memmius Monument
The Bouleuterion Council Building
Ephesus Nymphaeum Traiani
The Ehpesus Inscription Museum
Excavations of Ephesus Terrace Houses
Ephesus Antique Theatre Olympist
Ephesus is a very large ruin site
On the way to the Seven Sleepers
Virgin Marie Cottage
Basilica of St. John
Ayasuluk Castle

Bodrum, Turkey to Didim, Turkey 09-2013

Castle of St. Peter 09/2013
Bodrum streets
Departing Bodrum for Didum, Turkey
Chronologically, goto: Greece beginning

Datca, Turkey return from Greece 09-2013

Ferryboat to Datca
Departing Datca Harbor for Marmaris

Tour to Cappadocia, Turkey 09/30/2013

Our Tour Guide, Tash
Esrefoglu Mosque
Sagalassos ruins
Our first taste of Cappadocia
Uranos Sarikaya for lunch stop
Ilhara River Gorge
aka: The Grand Canyon of Turkey
A night on the town
Goreme Open Air Museum
Cappadocia Pottery Makers
Cappadocia street wedding
Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys
Yeralti Sehri Underground City
Antalya City, Turkey

The last of Turkey 2014

Departing Turkey 06/09/14

Turkey in the Med:

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Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.