WASABI welcomes you to the Tonga Islands

Ha'apai, Tonga Humpback trip 09/2009
Ha'apai, Tonga Whale dive 09/2009
Nuku Island, Tonga Tsunami 09/29/2009
Tapana Island, Tonga feast 10/2009
Kalau Island, Tonga lobster feast 10/2009
Kkalau Isl, Tonga day dive 10/2009
Nei'afu, Vava'u Regatta 10/2009
Water Caves, Tonga 10/2009
Tonga Sushi 10/2009
Nukalofa Island, Tonga 10/26/2009 Back went out
Nukalofa, Tonga Halloween 10/30/2009

Tonga Islands:

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Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.