WASABI welcomes you to the Tahuata, The Marquesas

Pt. Meauteivi reef dive, Tahuata 05/2009
Lotsa Manta Ray back flips
Manta Ray dares me
Bai Hanatefau, Tahuata around 05/2009
Tahuata, Bai Hanatefau dive 05/2009
Bai Hanatefau dive with Lion Fish
Watch out for the Scorpaenidae
Sea Anemone
Swims in reverse
Just lookin around dive
Dolphins leading us in Bai Hanatefau

Tahuata, The Marquesas:

courtesy of Nobeltec Admiral


Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.