WASABI welcomes you to Malaysia & Thailand

Melaka Malaysia Tour
Palau Pinang Bridge, Malaysia
Ao Chalong, Phuket, Indonesia 12-24-2011
Curious & Cat Mousses & Rogue at Sushi
Siam Niramit, Phuket dinner-show
Karen Long-Neck Tribe, Chiang Rai & Chiang Dao Elephant Camp
Bangkok, Thailand Temples 01/2011
Bangkok, Thailand Reclining Budha
Chao Phraya River thru Bangkok
Welcome to Sheraton Hotel Thai Restaurant
Thai Curry Class Step One, Learn to shop
Thai Curry Cooking Class
Bangkok Lady Boy Cabaret
Floating Market of Damnoen Sadua
Shopping the Floating Market
Rogue's Ranch, Northern Thailand 2011
Around countryside of Rogue’s Ranch
Temple/Museum, Northern Thailand
Sailing in Andaman Sea, Indonesia
Anchorage Ko Hong Island, Andaman Sea
BBC Polonia starts loading boats 03/2012

Malaysia & Thailand:



Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.