WASABI welcomes you to Indonesia

WASABI sails to Indonesia 2011
WASABI arrives in Kupang, Timor
Kupang, Timor around town
Timor Island Tours
WASABI sails to Koto, Tomir
Alor dive videos
Tomia Island dive videos
Tomia Island dive photographs
Hoga Island, Wakatobi fishermen
Kaledupa Island Wakatobi, town of Bajo
Kaledupa Island village of Bajo on the water
Wangiwangi Village, Wakatobi
Wangiwangi Island, Wakatobi scooter tour
Wangiwangi, Wakatobi Dive
Labuan Bajo, Flores Island
Labuan Bajo dive video
Komodo Island anchorage
Komodo Island Dragon Search
Komodo Beach Dragon Search
WASABI approaching Bali
Bali, Indonesia around town
Bali Rice Fields
Bali Temples
Beratan Lake at Bedugul, Bali
Ubud hotel mezzanine in Bali
Ubud musical-play in Bali
Charlie the Fruit Bat in Bali
Approach to Kumai, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Up River Tanjung Puting Nat'l Park
Kalimantan, Indonesia Orangutans
More Kalimantan, Indonesia Orangutans
Others at Tanjung Puting Nat'l Park
Proboscius Monkeys, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Arriving Tg Gemok, Belitung, Indonesia
Belitung Island around town
Belitung's Fishermen Boat Parade

Indonesia 2011

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Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.