WASABI welcomes you to the Fatu-Hiva, The Marquesas

Fatu-Hiva, The Marquesas

Fatu-Hiva, Marguesas landfall 05/2009
Bay of Virgins (Baie Hanavave) anchorage Bay of Virgins (Baie Hanavave) around
Bay Party on Bruces trimaran
Dinner out in Bay of Virgins
Royal Blood in the family Baie Hanavave dinghy put-put
The hike to Vaipo Waterfall, Fatu-Hiva
The hike from Vaipo Waterfall, Fatu-Hiva Bay of Virgins sundown with Gypsy

Fatu-Hiva, The Marquesas

courtesy of Nobeltec Admiral


Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.