WASABI welcomes you to the Bahamas 2016 on our Catana 47

Prepping WASABI for the Bahamas 03/01/16
Isabelle lands at Bimini "Airport" 03/14/16
Chub Cay overnighter anchorage 03/17/16
Bond Cay in the Berry Islands 03/18/16
Underway to Allens Cay from Nassau 03/27/16
Crossing The Great Bahama Bank 03/27/16
Allens Cay anchorage 03/28/16
Iguanas on Allens Cay, Exumas 03/28/16
Allens Cay to Wardericks Wells 03/29/16
Boo Boo Beach on Warderick Wells Cay 03/29/16
Staniel Cay, Sharks under our dinghy 03/30/16
Matt's family joined Staniel Cay Yacht Club 03/30/16
Sunken Piano in the Exumas 03/30/16
Matt & Katie at Chat 'n' Chill 04/02/16
George Town Chat 'n' Chill bar 04/02/16
Waiting for Taxi to depart 04/03/16
George Town, Exumas around 04/06/16
Monument Hill, Stocking Isl 04/07/16
Big Majors Spot explore cut 04/09/16
Big Majors dive 04/09/16
Bill's Beach on Big Majors Spot 04/09/16
Big Majors lazyjack repair 04/10/16
Island hike and Bay snorkel 04/10/16
Testing Spinnaker 04/13/16
Big Majors Spot dive 04/14/16
Bill's Beach on Big Majors Spot 04/14/16
North Gaulin Dive 04/15/16
North Gaulin Cut 04/15/16
Big Majors Spot pig beach 04/18/16
Bill's Beach on Big Majors Spot 04/19/16
Staniel Cay scooter tour 04/19/16
Movie for Staniel Cay, Exumas cut 04/19/16
Pirate Trap Beach on Staniel Cay 04/19/16
Pirate Trap Beach movie 04/19/16
Sailing north in the Exumas 04/20/16
Sailing north movie 04/20/16
Sunk Plane Wreck Staniel Cay 04/22/16
Shroud Cay, Exumas Channels 04/23/16
Shround Cay explore 04/23/16
Shroud Cay Channels underway 04/23/16
Charlie's Highborne Cut Mahi-Mahi 04/24/16
Rose Island photo shoot 1 04/24/16
Rose Island photo shoot 2 04/24/16
Bay Street Marina, Nassau 04/25/16
The Conch makers under the Bridge!
Dice Gambling under the bridge 04/25/16
Going over the Nassau Bridge 04/25/16
Marine Habitat at Atlantis, Paradise Island
Meeks Patch Isl to Spanish Wells, Bahamas 05/11/16
Spanish Wells, Bahamas north anchorage 05/11/16
Departing Spanish Wells to Abacos 05/12/16
Lynyard Cay Anchorage, Abacos 05/13/16
Dinghy Lynyard Cay to Little Harbor 05/13/16
Little Harbour, Great Abaco 05/13/16
Elbow Cay, Abacos anchor 05/14/16
Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay sun set 05/14/16
Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco from WASABI 05/15/16
Underway to Hope Town 05/19/16
Hope Town, Elbow Cay Lighthouse 05/19/16
Out for dinner, Elbow Cay ! 05/19/17
Goombay Summer Festival 05/19/16
Hope Town Jellyfish 05/20/16
Sand Dollar to be 05/20/16
Sea Anemones 05/20/16
Back to dry land, Hope Town 05/20/16
After the Snorkel, Hope Town 05/20/16
WASABI Bottom Cleaners! 05/21/16
Snorkling for Reef Fish 05/21/16
Elbow Cay, Abacos diving 05/21/16
Conch cleaning 05/23/16
Lubber's Quarters Cay 05/23/16
Great Guana Cay snorkel dive eastside 05/25/16
Kiteboarding next off the beach! 05/20/16
Getting to Grabbers Bed, Bar-Grill 05/26/16
Almost To Grabbers Bar 05/26/16
Grabbers Bed, Bed-Grill 05/26/16
Approaching Lynard Cay anchorage 05/26/16
Dinghy put to Little Harbour, Abacos 05/27/16
Lynyard Cay anchored overnight 05/28/16

Bahamas, Caribbean Sea:

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Others cruising sail boats we sailed with are: Cat Mousses, Alexandre IV, Kena, Rogue, Curious, just to name a few. We are still sailing with Endangered Species.